Services offered

Bespoke tailoring

My primary goal is not only to create a garment for you, but also to help you achieve a striking overall impression and gain a memorable experience.

I often begin with a heart-to-heart conversation to get to know your desires and goals. Meanwhile, an image of you starts to form in my mind, and we get closer to your style, the desirable fabrics, models, as well as the colours and shapes that would look good on you, that is, the basics of the experience.

In terms of quality, I never compromise. I often prepare garments that are two-sided, that is, they can be worn inside out, as well. The inside of the clothes and seams are impeccable and in each case meet the highest expectations.

Usually two or three fittings are required to reach an adequate quality. We can start to talk about accessories in the early stage of the tailoring process, whether it is a simple brooch, beading with Swarovski crystals, or a bag or pair of shoes covered with the fabric of the dress. Anything that is necessary to achieve the desired result. You will surely be satisfied with the overall impression.

What I cannot help you with: You must live the experience and collect the compliments all alone. If a couple of pictures are taken in which you look fabulous, I will gladly have a look at them, and with your consent, add a few of them to my web gallery.